Mission Payment

The total participation cost is 650 EUR per week per person, and it is split in two payments:

  • 250 EUR – non-refundable registration fee (paid upon selection)
  • 400 EUR – mission payment (paid upon entering habitat)

Your spot is not guaranteed until we receive registration fee

  • We accept registration fee only as PayPal transfer
  • Mission payment could be in either cash or PayPal
  • Registration-fee or mission-payment could be in EUR, PLN or USD
  • We do not accept international bank transfers, Revoluts, etc
  • We require full payment before entering habitat
  • If you want invoice for your name or your company please contact us.

What’s included in the price?

Below you can find a list of what’s included in mentioned 650 EUR. All our missions are “all inclusive” and there are no hidden costs. We can issue a payment confirmation documents or personal/company invoice upon request (after full amount payment). So in the price you will get:

  • flight suit
  • mission patch
  • online pre-training by MCC
  • in-person pre-training in Cracow, Poland
  • pizza after survival pre-training (veg and/or meat)
  • cryotherapy session in cryo-chamber (with medical evaluation)
  • 24/7 full MCC support during mission
  • travel to the habitat
  • food during the mission (one of three dietary plans to choose)
  • consumables and supplies for habitat 
  • stay at the habitat
  • scientific experiment resources (for AATC experiments)
  • travel back from habitat to Cracow
  • certificate of participation 
  • dinner in the restaurant to conclude and de-brief mission (alcohol is not-included)
  • support in writing manuscripts and scientific publication based on mission results

What’s not-included in the price?

The price does not include traveling to and from Cracow to your respective living location. You are also responsible to get to/from airport or a train station to our office on your own. Although this is a 5 EUR Uber ride or 1 EUR direct bus ticket. We discourage regular taxis and other means of transportation. Note, that Uber is reasonably cheap here and it is an easiest and fastest way of transportation to/from city or airport etc, especially if you are in hurry for your flight. Make sure you have active Uber account and valid credit card attached.

Also you are responsible for cost and arrangement of your experiment materials and resources. We can help you with buying and logistics, but you need to inform us about it as-soon-as-possible! Shipment can take time, and it won’t be possible to buy things while you are in Cracow.

How to pay?

In order to be considered as a mission participant we require from you a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of 250 EUR to our PayPal account. We accept PayPal or cash payment in EUR, PLN or USD. Please note that any transfer or currency conversion fees are on your side. Mind that some versions of PayPal mobile app won’t let you to specify who is covering fees. Please use web/desktop version of PayPal to make transfers.

We no longer support international bank transfers. There were too many problems and delays. Some transfers were even held by bank without any information or returned to sender after few days. From our experience PayPal works the best for international money exchange and the fees are reasonably high. If you don’t have an account, please create one. Mind that we have people from around the world and other platforms such us Revolut are not used outside Europe. We also pay for our deals with international partners using PayPal and we also don’t like conversion and transfer fees.

Please do the transfer in as-soon-as-possible! Your spot is not guaranteed until the registration-fee of 250 EUR is fully paid.

In order to pay via PayPal just click the link below, fill the amount and confirm the transfer.


This 250 EUR is of course a part of mentioned before 650 EUR total participation cost. You will be asked for the remaining 400 EUR at the organizational meeting in Cracow before traveling to the habitat. Make sure you have required amount in cash or on your PayPal account by then!

Important Note

Please note, that the in order to keep the price accessible for students we do not hire any additional people such as janitors or cleaners. We do expect that you leave habitat clean and in order, so that the next mission can use the facility right away.