Analog Astronaut Training Center Logo

Analog Astronaut Training Center (AATC)  is a private company, which accelerates human spaceflight scientific studies. Our organization specializes in human physiology research and operational trainings for scientists, engineers and astronaut candidates. AATC is founded by former European Space Agency professionals.

Company was established on Jul 1st, 2014. We organized our first analog mission in 2016. In 2018 the company established a laboratory to simulate space environment for scientific experiments focused on space biology and medicine. The facility is located in southern part of Poland. Beside scientific projects, co-supervision of engineer- master and doctoral theses, AATC organizes rocket workshops, stratospheric missions and scientific lunar and martian analog simulations.

In 2023 the company has reached 74 successfully organized analog simulations with more than 350 people trained. This gives AATC second position in the world considering the number of organized expeditions. Most of trained analog astronauts continue their career in the space sector. AATC helps them to develop and grow by publishing their work on international platforms, by sharing precious international contacts and collaborations and involving them in multiple ongoing space projects.

Programs offered by AATC

  • 1 and 2 week long international space science internships for students
  • Lunar and martian analog simulations in the habitat
  • Junior Space Camps
  • Rocket Workshops
  • Land Exploration Spacesuit trainings
  • Underwater Pressurized Spacesuits trainings
  • Spacesuit technician trainings
  • Recreational Scuba Diving trainings – certified by PADI, NAUI and IANTD
  • Technical Scuba Diving trainings – certified by PADI
  • Underwater EVA pre-familiarization – collaboration with International Institute for Astronautical Sciences and Survival Systems USA in Groton, CT, USA
  • Human centrifuge training course – collaboration with Military Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Warsaw, Poland
  • Hyperbaric, Hypobaric and Thermal chambers – collaboration with Military Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Warsaw, Poland
  • Robotic operations and Human Robotic support in extreme environments
  • H.U.E.T. trainer and sea survival 
  • Habitat systems and mission operations
  • Skydiving courses
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care medical courses – ex special forces operators

Programs in development

  • Pilot training course [from PPL(A) to CPL(A) and from PPL(H) to CPL(H)]
  • Soyuz water egress and contingency survival (fire, depress, chemical fumes)
  • Exoskeleton training course
  • Fire fighting – collaboration with Fire Department Academy
  • Ophthalmology and emergency eye surgery
  • Surgery courses
  • Dental emergencies 
  • Speleology courses
  • Extreme Medicine courses
  • Trips to Bajkonur, Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Technik Museum Speyer (for Buran), National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, European Astronaut Center
  • 3D printing for space applications course
  • Aerospace engineering and astronautics course
  • ISRU development course
  • e-learning platform for “reversed classes” for each of the training courses