Offer for 2022

Welcome to Analog Astronaut Training Center in 2022!

Dear Astronaut Hopeful, 

Thank you very much for your interest!

We strongly encourage you to participate in organised by us activities.

We are searching not only participants, but collaborators and people, who would like to work with us and commonly develop human spaceflight activities in the world.

The next year will be mostly based on continuation of started projects and collaborations. What will be new, we will finish the first stage of development of the advanced habitat and EVA simulation terrain. In 2022 we optimise a new educational program for students: international scientific internships preparing to work in space sector. We expand rocket workshops dividing them into three stages: basic rocket workshop, advanced rocket workshop and professional rocket workshop. We develop new training courses for telemetry and telecommunication. Finally, we open a new holiday program of Space Camps for 2 groups of school kids: primary school kids, and secondary school pupils. As always, we are open for a new projects and collaborations. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Join Our Activities

If you want to join our activities please do fill the application at