Welcome to AATC Analog Mission

Thank you very much for your interest and submitting your participation in AATC Analog Habitat Mission! We are thrilled to meet and collaborate with you in development of future human spaceflights and evolving projects in space sciences.

We kindly remind you, that the confirmation of your participation in the Analog Habitat mission is 250 EUR registration-fee, and Stratospheric mission is 100 EUR. Your mission spot is not guaranteed until we receive registration fee! After pre-payment we will grant you access to classified original mission training documents and files. Please find the payment options at the bottom of this page.


  • T-31 days – registration-fee payment
  • T-30 days – submission of your bio, photo and brief abstract of your experiments
  • T-21 days – submission of your experiments requirements (what to buy etc.)
  • T-2 day – last possible date to get to AATC’s Cracow office
  • T-1 day – introduction, mission brief, pre-training, team building training
  • T-0 day – departure to the habitat

Learn More

Please familiarize with our website, where you will find out:

  • Details about 7 day mission you have been enrolled
  • Mission goals and benefits of participation
  • List of AATC scientific publications https://www.astronaut.center/science

Other Trainings While You Will be in Poland

If you are interested in more activities such as SCUBA diving, Human Centrifuge or Stratospheric missions, please familiarize with the page below:

Before You Buy Flight Tickets

The price does not include traveling to/from Cracow, Poland to your respective living location. You are also responsible to get to/from airport or a train station to our office on your own. Although this is a 5 EUR Uber ride or 1 EUR direct bus ticket (no transfers). We discourage regular taxis and other means of transportation. Note, that Uber is reasonably cheap here and it is an easiest and fastest way of transportation to/from city or airport etc, especially if you are in hurry for your flight. Make sure you have active Uber account and valid payment method attached to your account.

AATC office address is:

  • Address: Koło Strzelnicy 8A, Kraków
  • Coordinates: 50.06368° N, 19.87920° E
  • Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/nXCt7ezzHjvUsJpL9
  • Apple Maps: https://maps.apple.com/?ll=50.063680,19.879199


Total mission cost is 650 EUR and we take two installments:

  • pay now 250 EUR registration fee
  • pay later 400 EUR when arrive at AATC

Your mission spot is not guaranteed until we receive registration fee!

Mind that the 250 EUR registration fee is non-refundable due to the cost of consumables and other materials (suit, logo, embroilment) that we need to invest in order mission to happen. On no-show we won’t be able to use it for anyone else.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please send them upon the e-mail: