Jayakumar Venkatesan

Director of Human Spaceflight Research

Dr Jayakumar Venkatesan is CEO at Valles Marineris International Private Limited, India; Jayakumar Venkatesan is also the Chief Technology Officer for Synergy Moon (One of the finalists in  $40M  Google Lunar XPRIZE). He is an Astropreneur  &  Chief Executive Officer for Valles Marineris  International Private Limited, India and he is the specialist in the Human  Spaceflight  Research and  Orbital Research  Stations Modules.  He is also the Director (International Projects) at Analog Astronaut Training Center, Poland.  Jayakumar  Venkatesan is the expertise in the  Spacecraft  Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Technologies suitable  on  the  Moon and  Mars. Additionally, he is also a Nano-Satellite  Researcher & Chief Technology  Officer for  KSF  Space  Foundation,  United  Kingdom. He is the National Point of Contact (India) of The Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the United  Nations Programme on Space Applications, Austria. He is the Visionary Board  Member to the Technology  Contests UpGreat organized by Russian Venture  Company, «Skolkovo»  Foundation And Agency of  Strategic  Initiatives, Russia and Deputy Chairman  (International  Affairs),  for International  Academy of Space Law  (IASL), Moscow. He is the Advisor to Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and  Disaster Management, Cameroon and  Moriba  Space Club, Sierra Leone. He is also an Aerospace Education Consultant for National  Research Universities in Russia and Founder of Cygnus Aerospace Limited, United Kingdom.