We build habitats on our own. By name “habitat” we mean: fully equipped (including dedicated software), human spaceflight research facility for a long-term isolated crewed projects. This is fully private investment with no third parties involved, because we want to make truly independent and available to all science, education and technology, related with safe existence of humans in space. Our Habitat (TRL level 5) is a human research laboratory built and owned by Agata Kołodziejczyk and Matt Harasymczuk as a proving ground for future Moon and Mars missions. From 2020 we started to build the most advanced habitat in Europe, which will cover all demands for training, education and scientific research. The new infrastructure is 300m2 large plus 1 ha of EVA terrain.

We collaborate with more than 20 universities and educational centres in the world, for example: ILEWG ESA, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Military University of Technology in Poland, Politecnico di Milano, KU Leuven. We also collaborate with companies, for example Hertz Systems, QLab, Mediolia.

We own and continuously develop unique space habitat equipment, which can be borrowed and used by universities, academic centres, companies and schools. If needed, we make and sell our equipment on demand, for example hydroponic systems, algae bioreactors, physiological lamps, RPM machines, stratospheric capsules, etc….

Our board computer – HabitatOS, has been positively reviewed by teachers at Polish Air Force University and now it is better than ever with tens of new sensors and processes implemented.

It is a hard work, but it is worth!

Looking forward to seeing you at our place!