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Tribute to Apollo Program

Harasymczuk 2019. A synthesis of geophysical studies performed on the Moon during Apollo Program. Original title (in polish): Badania geofizyczne w trakcie załogowej eksploracji Księżyca w ramach programu Apollo: PDF

Tutorial for educational lunar mission

The final day of the educational training at the Modern School in New Delhi. Happy analog astronauts with their certificates after 1 week of training. Visible on the table awarded projects of lunar and martian bases, designed mission patches and astronaut helmets.

We are happy to share some space in practice for basic and high-school pupils. This tutorial was prepared for teachers, educators and all who think seriously about development in space sector. Tutorial has ready to use working cards to simulate lunar mission at your school, during workshops and holidays. Actually we share a Polish version, but soon we will add the English one: TUTORIAL

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