Analog Simulations

Educational and scientific missions are inspiring alternatives for conventional learning. They become more and more professional platform to perform space studies, with a wide range of opportunities for development of a new technologies. They act as an incubator for innovative science, were science fiction is transformed into reality. Participants can use their imagination and creativity without limits and use it as trampoline to jump directly into professional space projects. This is what we observe in AATC. Analog missions motivate to write publications in relevant scientific journals and popular science media. They bring valuable experience and training dedicated to work in space sector. They are unique for team-building, with independent access and international activity. 

In 2023 the company has reached 70 successfully organized analog simulations. We gained unique know-how but each mission makes us better organizers. Every year we double a number of organized missions. Most of trained analog astronauts continue their career in space sector. AATC helps them to develop and grow by support in publishing common work on international platforms, by sharing precious international contacts and by involving into professional space projects.

Unique for our habitat:

  • standardized physiological and psychological data collection enabling statistical analyses
  • standardized emergency simulations
  • elevated levels of carbon dioxide, altered lighting systems and acoustic impressions
  • professional laboratory equipment to run non-invasive physiological and psychological health monitoring
  • personal coaching and advanced training with possibility to develop after the mission experience

Until 2023, we are initiators and creators of all analog mission research stations and bioastronautics laboratories in Poland.

People, who visited our missions, develop space sector in the world, work at space agencies and fly to space.